3 Ways to Spruce Up Your Shoes

Sometimes when we are on a student budget, we can’t afford the latest designer shoes. However, that doesn’t mean that it needs to look like we bought the exact same shoe as everyone else. The UW Style Society presents three different ways you can ‘mark’ your shoe and let everyone else know that you’re not part of the same pack. shoes 1

1. Leather Laces

Instead of the same boring old cotton lace shoes, why not try out something a bit different? As we can see in the picture, it changes up the feel and colour of the shoe to something a bit more unique and distinguished. You can typically find these laces at most dollar stores or your neighborhood shoe cobbler. Don’t forget to grab an exacto knife to slice off the extra part of the laces. Best not be trippin’ shoes2

2. Funky Lace Colours & Funky Tying

Just because you wear dress shoes, doesn’t mean it has to be bland. What better way of standing out in a crowd than standing out with some neon-colored laces? Try using contrasting colours which will make them pop from your shoe’s backdrop. Oh, I see. That’s not enough. Well, why not step it up even more by tying those sparkly new laces in different ways. Head over to Ian’s Shoelace Site (http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/lacingmethods.htm) to see over 41 different ways of learning different ways to lace it up. shoes3

3. Painting the Canvas

Okay guys, I’ll be honest. I have no artistic skills to save my life. However, that’s why we have friends! (Don’t tell mine I said that). So ask someone who knows how to draw and paint to give some flair to your shoes. You will need to consider the shoe’s material as well as the type of paint when you do this little DIY project. For this, it is best to stick with fabric/canvas shoes such as the ever-classic Converse line. In terms of paint, you should buy the ones which are acrylicbased paint. Lastly, some clear varnish will go a long way in terms of protecting your shoe’s final artwork. Go ahead and try it out. Don’t forget to show off your sweet new kicks by tagging @uwstylesociety on Instagram and Twitter! — Adrian Nguyen